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Asset Protection: Family Protection Trust

Your Will is the first key step to planning successfully for later life. It tells everyone how you would like your wishes carried out. The Family Protection Trust from Golden Charter works alongside your Will, to ensure that what you want to happen, actually does. It provides complete legal protection for your home and assets. The result? You leave more of your estate to your loved ones, saving money, time and stress.

Angela’s story

Angela learned about our Family Protection Trust from chatting to her consultant.

“Before speaking with Sheila, my consultant at Golden Charter, I didn’t realise it was so easy to ensure my assets are protected for my family.

Now I’ve organised my Family Protection Trust, my children will inherit the assets assigned to them quickly and without any problems.

It’s one less major headache and means greater peace of mind. For both them and me.

It’s good to know they won’t have to deal with lengthy processes at such a difficult time.

I really appreciate that Sheila highlighted this all-in-one service to me.

Now I can make sure that what I want to happen, does happen.

Plus, I stay in control at all times – I’ve simply placed all my assets in the Trust, and I’m the main Trustee.

Which means I can carry on using what’s mine – my home, my money, my investments – just as I normally would. Brilliant.''

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What else should I know about asset protection?

  • A Family Protection Trust is a Trust that’s set up to hold your assets, safeguarding them from future circumstances and legal costs.
  • Protects against Probate, children being disinherited due to remarriage, plus it can even offer protection against care home costs.
  • You’ll avoid Probate fees of up to 5% of the estates value right away.
  • You remain in control. You can continue to use your assets as you normally would – e.g. you can move home or invest your money.
  • Your Will remains in force according to your wishes and you can update or change it at any time.
  • Children’s Inheritance Tax is planned for.
  • Golden Charter is unable to provide any Legal Services products to you if you normally reside outside of England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

How a Family Protection Trust works

  • When you die, your estate is distributed immediately – there’s no need for Probate (legal fees)
  • Your Will is carried out by Trustees acting only in your interests.
  • Beneficiaries’ current circumstances are taken into account by your Trustees to ensure your wishes are fulfilled
  • Your children can use the Trust to protect their own assets

Our legal partners

Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority in England and Wales and the Law Society of Scotland.

What’s included in our Family Protection Trust?

  • Fee covers all aspects of setting up the Trust with Golden Charter and the nominated solicitor
  • Our expert solicitors act as your Trustees at no extra cost
  • They’ll ensure your final wishes are carried out as set down in your Will
  • They’ll act in support of your wishes – they don’t benefit from the Trust in any way
  • They’ll defend any claims against the Trust and ensure beneficiaries inherit at the right time

Family Protection Trust

Single £2,995
Double £4,495

Ways to pay -

Pay in full by debit card, credit card or cheque. Alternatively, you can spread the cost - call us to find out more.

If you cancel within 14 days we'll refund you the payment you've made (the full fee applies to cancellations made after 14 days)

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