Protecting your share of your most valuable asset


A Property Protection Trust is an affordable and easy way to protect your share of your home’s value. For example, when you die, your home’s value could be used to fund care costs for your partner, meaning less or no inheritance to pass on to your loved ones.

Nigel's Story

Nigel always wondered how he could ensure his share of the property went directly to his son, Thomas.

“Without a Property Protection Trust, if anything happened to me in the near future my share wouldn’t be protected for my son from a previous relationship.

It would automatically go to my wife and her family, unintentionally leaving him out.

The whole process was very easy.

My application was processed by Golden Charter’s specialist Will writers who then drafted my Will, with the Property Protection Trust within it.

It was then sent to me for approval.

When I was completely happy with the content I was sent the completed version, along with something called the ‘Severance of Tenancy/Evacuation of Title Document’.

I signed that – which my neighbour Derek witnessed for me - then I simply popped it back in the post to Golden Charter. Job done.

A week or so later I received a confirmation letter and a copy of my Property Protection Trust for my files.

It couldn’t have been more straightforward.

Now I know Thomas will get what’s his.”

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What else should I know about Property Protection Trust?

  • Depending on where you live in the UK, care homes can cost an average £28,500* per year. Anyone with assets over £23,250 must pay the full cost (*source: PayingForCare report, Laing & Buisson in 2013/14).
  • 1 in 10* of those who enter the care system ends up paying over £100,000 (*source: 2015)
  • A Property Protection Trust is an affordable and easy way to protect your share of your home’s value.
  • You choose who will inherit your share.
  • It’s a one-off fixed cost.
  • Golden Charter is unable to provide any Legal Services products to you if you normally reside outside of England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Your questions answered

What happens without a Property Protection Trust?

If the surviving partner needs care, the deceased’s share may be used to fund their care costs. If they were also to remarry, then it could be unintentionally passed to another family. A Property Protection Trust protects against both of these factors.

What if the surviving spouse wants to move house?

The surviving spouse can move home without any issue. If the new property costs less than the original, then the profits get split equally between the surviving spouse and the beneficiaries.

Can the surviving spouse be evicted by the Trustees (beneficiaries)?

No. The Trust allows the surviving spouse a ‘right to occupy’, meaning that they can live in the property for as long as they wish.

How much does it cost?

From £799

Ways to pay

Pay by debit card, credit card or cheque.

If you cancel within 14 days we'll refund you the payment you've made (the full fee applies to cancellations made after 14 days)

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