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An essential part of later life planning, a Will lets you safeguard the important things in your life, for the people you love.

Why is a Will so important?

  • It specifies who inherits what: money, property, possessions, personal mementos or charitable donations
  • A properly drafted Will can protect your loved ones and avoid complications and disputes after you die

What if I don’t make a Will, or keep it updated?

  • Without a Will in place, the rules of intestacy apply – often a lengthy and complex process
  • The people you love may wait longer to receive what you wanted them to get
  • The courts may decide who gets what

Don’t leave it to chance

Whether it’s writing or updating your Will, considering ways to protect your assets, or organising a funeral plan, many of us don’t get around to making arrangements for the future. But we should.

At Golden Charter, we make it simple to manage your affairs and plan ahead.

A Will from us is professionally drafted by our Will writers to ensure it fully meets your needs.

This is not only reassuring, but it can save your family from unnecessary worry by sorting things now.

How much does it cost to make a Will?

Our Will writing services come at a fixed cost, no matter how complex your estate is.

  • A Single Will costs £149
  • A Will for you and a mirror Will for your partner or spouse costs £199
  • Cost includes free storage and updates for five years

If you cancel within 14 days, we’ll refund the payment you’ve made (the full fee applies to cancellations made after 14 days).

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What else should I know about making a Will?

  • Circumstances change. For example, a relationship status or becoming a grandparent. We suggest reviewing your Will every year
  • The people most commonly appointed as executors on a Will are relatives or friends, solicitors or accountants, or even banks
  • It’s important to choose your executor carefully as this person will have to take on a great deal of responsibility and work. This includes administrative, legal and taxation duties
  • If you die without a Will, the law decides who’ll be responsible for your affairs and who’ll inherit your estate. This could mean those you’d prefer not to inherit, benefit
  • Standard Wills contain your personal details, appointed executors, appointed guardians, funeral details, gifting and residue of your estate

What’s included with a Golden Charter Will?

  • Fixed price, no matter how complex
  • Free annual updates for five years
  • Mirror Will for your partner or spouse if required for an additional £50
  • Professionally drafted by a specialist Will writer

How much does your Will cost?

A Single Will £149
A Will for you and a mirror Will for your partner or spouse costs £199

Cost includes free storage and updates for five years

We're here to help

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