How having a valid Will in place can make life easier for your loved ones

Benjamin Franklin once said the only things you can be certain of in life are death and taxes.  But despite this, thousands of people across the UK still fail to make provisions for the future.

While most people plan ahead for weddings, holidays and even birthdays, why don’t they plan for the inevitable?  

According to Will Aid Research 2015, of the 51 million adults living in the UK*, 27 million (53%) do not have a Will in place. When a person dies intestate - without a Will – or an up-to-date Will – there is a set of intestacy rules that come into play.

When you die without leaving a Will, these rules decide who gets what and how much. It doesn’t matter what your relationship with those people was like when you were alive. By leaving a Will that clearly states who should get your assets when you die, you can prevent unnecessary distress at an already difficult time for your family or friends.

Put simply, a valid Will lets you safeguard the important things in your life for the people you care about. Although death is a subject no one really wants to think about, much less plan for, having a valid Will in place is the best way to ease the emotional and financial burden on loved ones at what will inevitably be a distressing time.

As the UK’s leading provider of pre-paid funeral plans, over half a million people have taken out a funeral plan with Golden Charter. Having recognised the issues families face when loved ones die intestate, Golden Charter introduced a funeral plan that comes with a Will included to ensure you can make all of your wishes known.

At Golden Charter, all of our Wills are drafted by professional Will Writers. Our Will writing services come at a fixed cost, no matter how complex your estate is. A Single Will costs just £149 and includes free storage and updates for five years. For more information on our Will writing services, request a free info pack by clicking here.

*Total estimated UK population 64.6million. Adult population approximately 51 million. Source: