Playing Pokémon Go At Funerals

Pokémon NO

When it was first launched in the late 90s, Pokémon, a Gameboy and trading card game, became something of a phenomenon with some commentators calling it Pokémania.

Fast forward almost twenty years and Pokémon Go is creating frenzy around the world. Now available as a smartphone game, Pokémon Go uses GPS to allow players to search locations in the real world in a bid to capture and train creatures known as Pokémon – the most infamous of which is Pikachu.

However, in a concerning development it has been reported that some fans have been playing Pokémon Go at funerals. Some gamers are even crashing funerals of people they don’t know – not that knowing the deceased person makes it any better or worse.

Jason Feifer, the same man that brought us the Selfies at Funerals Tumblr, has created a new page called Pokémon at Funerals on the back of the craze.

It’s clear that people are willing to go great lengths to catch a Pokémon, but even the most avid of gamers may be shocked and appalled to hear the extremes some people are going to.

It’s important to remember that funerals are a time to pay respect to the departed, as family and friends say goodbye to the loved one they’ve lost.