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Our plan holders' funds are held securely in the Golden Charter Trust*, and ring-fenced for future funerals.

The Golden Charter Trust has long been one of the largest and most transparent in the funeral planning sector, publishing annual reports on the value of the funding. As part of Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) requirements, all funeral plan providers will now have to publish similar reports. These are known as a Solvency Assessment Report (SAR).

This report compares the value of the trust to the expected cost of our customer’s funerals.  

We’re delighted to share that the most recent valuation of the Golden Charter Trust confirms that the assets remain well above the FCA’s required level of funding. You can see full details of the Solvency Assessment Report here. 

As the first funeral planning company to publish its report, this offers our customers further reassurance that your money is safe with a Golden Charter funeral plan. 

*This excludes the fixed monthly payment options where money is paid to a UK life assurance company and managed by them.

Golden Charter

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Golden Charter has one of the largest networks of independent funeral directors in the UK. Many are long-standing, family-run businesses and all provide a compassionate and professional service.

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