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Having a pre-paid funeral plan can make the most difficult of times a little bit more bearable for your loved ones and bring you the comfort of knowing, when the time comes, your funeral wishes will be taken care of. But, of course, that is only true if you can trust that the plan you have paid for will be implemented.

According to a survey by market researchers Mintel, the biggest influencing factor for people choosing a funeral plan is brand trust. Mintel’s ‘Attitudes towards funeral planning’ report shows cost featuring prominently, with 43% of respondents saying price influenced their choice of funeral plan. But even more important than financial concerns was brand trust, the most important factor in choosing a funeral plan for 44% of survey respondents.

Customers’ preference for brands they can trust makes absolute sense when it comes to selecting a funeral plan. We don't pay for many services 10, 20 or even 30 years before we need them; so having trust in the company we are paying to deliver what we’ve paid for is crucial.

As one of the UK’s leading funeral plan providers, almost 900,000 people have chosen to plan ahead with us over our 30-year history. At Golden Charter, we know people are relying on our funeral plans for peace of mind. Trust that the services promised will be there when most needed is critical and we always do our best to ensure customers get what they have paid for whenever they need it.

The Golden Charter Trust

The peace of mind that a funeral plan brings relies on you being able to have the confidence that the money you pay now will be available to cover the funeral director services when the time comes.

Your money will be transferred and held in the Golden Charter Trust after we deduct our arrangement and marketing fees. Set up in 1990, the Trust has responsibility for safeguarding the long-term financial interests of both funeral plan holders and the funeral directors who will carry out the funeral services specified.

The Trust holds, invests and administers funds received to guarantee there are always sufficient assets to meet the costs of all pre-paid funeral plans purchased. The net asset value of the Trust at 30 September 2021 was £1,286 million, over 100% of the projected future funeral costs covered by the plans in the Trust.

Trusted investments

Although the value of the Trust benefits from investment opportunities, a Golden Charter funeral plan is not an investment product. While the overall value of the funds held in Trust may fluctuate, when you buy a plan, you receive a guarantee of funeral services at a price fixed now for the future services.

The Golden Charter Trust invests with carefully selected investment managers across a diversified investment portfolio to protect against market fluctuations.

Advisers regularly undertake ‘stress testing’ exercises to judge the impact of extreme market conditions. The results show that even an unlikely combination of negative events would not fatally damage the financial strength of the Trust.

Independent oversight

The Golden Charter Trust is not owned by a company, individual or by shareholders, but managed by an independent board of trustees. The trustees are experienced business people from a wide range of backgrounds and they have a legal responsibility to hold the Trust’s assets for the benefit of its beneficiaries.

The FCA is introducing a number of new rules, which are intended to ensure high standards and provide further protection for customers. They’ll require all businesses operating in the market to make sure plans are sold fairly, provide value for money, and deliver the expected product benefits. The FCA will take on responsibility for regulating the pre paid funeral plan market from 29 July 2022 and you can find out more here.

Customer trust

The safeguarding measures put in place to reassure customers that they can have trust in their Golden Charter funeral plan have been rewarded by strong customer satisfaction scores. They are one of the main reasons why 93% of customers said they were satisfied or very satisfied with Golden Charter’s services.

On customer-review site Trustpilot, Golden Charter scores an Excellent rating, averaging 4.6 stars across 2,274 reviews. Recent 5-star reviews include:


Following the death of my partner and having to organise her cremation by the golden charter plan she held, I thought it time to purchase a plan for myself. The rep I was put in contact with was so understanding and professional and explained all the details with ease. His friendly and sincere manner, linked with amazing reviews for the company, convinced me to buy not one but two plans (2nd for my sister). The service and attention I received was second to none and would recommend them to everyone.


Extremely helpful staff, informative and responsive to questions. A fair and affordable range of plans.


I spoke to a wonderful gentleman called Paul about a funeral plan. He was extremely helpful, polite and explained everything I needed to know.


A big thank you to Lynne, of Golden Charter, who explained to me with empathy, how this plan worked, emailed me with the details, promptly replied to any queries I had and was totally professional in all aspects. No spam, no fuss, no hard sell. I nearly invited her to the big event!

We ask our customers for reviews - whether positive or negative. And when reviewers are not completely satisfied, our customer services team follow up to resolve fully.

Golden Charter

Smart Planning for Later Life

Golden Charter has one of the largest networks of independent funeral directors in the UK. Many are long-standing, family-run businesses and all provide a compassionate and professional service.

Find out more about how you can plan for your funeral with one of the funeral directors in our network.