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Inside Golden Charter

Golden Charter is a market leader in later life planning including pre-paid funeral plans and legal services. To give you a quick glimpse into what we do and how we do it, we’ve pulled together a few interesting facts.

Golden Charter was founded in 1989. Owned by an association of independent funeral directors, the company was set up to help safeguard the future of local, often family-run, businesses. In the 26 years since we started, we have grown to take a 40% share of the pre-paid funeral market1.

Over half a million customers have pre-arranged their funerals with us, selecting services from our network of more than 3,300 independent funeral directors, in cities from London to Edinburgh and smaller towns from Blackpool to Bangor.

The Golden Charter Trust is valued at £760 million2. The Trust is run by an independent Board of Trustees who manage funds on behalf of our plan holders3 and safeguard future payments to funeral directors.

Our services

Golden Charter offers a range of six later life planning services, including pre-paid funeral plans designed to suit a range of requirements and budgets. We also take care of legal services that are important in later life, helping our customers and their families to save money and avoid unnecessary problems in future. These include Will writing, Powers of Attorney, Property Protection Trusts, Family Protection Trusts and Probate Plans.

As part of our Will writing service we offer free updates and storage for five years and, to date, we have taken care of the Wills of more than 12,300 customers.

We have a network of consultants across the UK. Between them, they have almost 250 years’ combined experience in later life planning and are trained to answer customer questions fully and efficiently. The average appointment with a Golden Charter consultant takes less than an hour.

In total, we employ over 350 people who all contribute to helping customers choose the right later life planning products for them. They take care of customer queries, process important legal and financial paper work and help take the worry out of funeral arrangements and related legal matters. For more information on arranging your later life planning with Golden Charter, from funeral plans to legal services, visit or call 0800 111 4514.


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  3. This does not apply to plans where payment is made by Fixed Monthly Payments.