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Keep your loved one close

31 Jan 2017 | 2 min read time
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No one likes to think about death however, over the years, it has become less of a morbid topic and more common for people to share their end of life wishes with their loved ones before they pass. Although burials have historically been the most common option, we are fast running out of physical space and as such, more and more people are opting for the more environmentally friendly option of cremation.

Often, when sharing their end of life wishes for cremation, people share their requests to have their ashes scattered in a place they were fond of. This often includes meaningful locations such as where they grew up as a child, in the hills or mountains where they may have spent some time, their team's football ground (providing consent has been given), at the beach, at sea, from the air or even launched into space.

Gone are the days when you received your loved ones ashes in an urn that you do nothing with. Nowadays more and more people are turning to alternative methods to scattering your loved ones ashes and we're taking a look into a few of the popular and upcoming methods.

Ashes into jewellery

Having become quite popular, many people are now opting to turn their loved ones ashes into jewellery stating they like the idea of being able to take their loved one with them wherever they went. Ashes can be turned into rings, pendants, earrings and cufflinks and in wearing the item; you connect with your loved ones and are reminded of special moments you shared together. As well as jewellery, ashes can also be hand-blown into glassware such as vases and glass centre pieces allowing your loved ones to have a place around your table for all special occasions.   

Used to plant a tree

Nowadays, people are more conscious of the mark they are leaving behind and are opting to have their ashes turned into trees. Released to the market in 2013 by Spanish brothers Gerard and Roger Moline, Bio-urns have been inspired by nature and are intended to help loved ones with the grieving process. As well as being free from the chemicals associated with burials, people can rest safe in the knowledge they are being kind to the environment as well as providing their loved ones a place to visit and watch the tree flourish and grow. Over the years, people have opted to have these trees planted in forests and local woodlands as a memorial however; there is also the option to have these planted indoors.  


Looking to do something very unique for your loved ones or yourself? You can now opt to have your ashes (or your loved ones ashes) turned into fireworks. Carrying your loved ones name on the firework, poems, words of wisdom or even their favourite phrase can be added to the firework to truly send them off in style. Going out with a bang has suddenly taken on a whole new meaning.


When you lose a loved one the natural thing is to want to keep something belonging to them to feel close and connected. For years, we have seen people sporting tattoos dedicated to someone they have lost however for some this isn't enough and they want to take it to the next level. As such, it's becoming more popular to have loved ones ashes included in the ink to make a truly unique memorial tattoo. Tattoos made from your loved ones ashes are the most personal tattoo a person can get and it's no surprise they are becoming more popular.  

We are firm believers of life is for living so why don't you share your end of life wishes with your family and be safe in the knowledge your wishes will be fulfilled when you pass? Will you be opting for any of these options or do you believe in traditional scattering of the ashes? Let us know over on Facebook or Twitter.

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