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How to guide: Stay Well during social distancing

07 Apr 2020 | 2 min read time

Exercising at home

At the age of 80 the Green Goddesshas made a return to our screens in recent weeks, with a mission to "wake up and shake up" and get those over 70 active in the home. Since being diagnosed with a bone-thinning disease she has reinvented her famous morning workouts to "help keep the nation healthy." You can watch her on BBC breakfast in the morning of follow some of her routines here.

There are ways you can maintain your fitness level at home no matter what your ability is or how little space you have. A daily workout can improve your mood and become something to look forward to.

Can I go out for exercise?

The government advice on social distancing means we all must stay at home and away from others. We must stay at home where possible but we are allowed out for one form of exercise a day as long as we observe the two meter rule. Exercise is part of staying active, so if you are able, take advantage of this by going for a walk every day.

Daily exercise

While we shouldn't travel for exercise, this can be the time that we learn more about our surroundings. Whether you're in the busiest metropolis or out in the countryside it can be really rewarding to discover a new walk or see landmarks from different angles and share this new found knowledge with neighbours and family through video chats. Try walking in a new direction each day and you can even download Active 10, an app made by the NHS to keep track of your expeditions.

What if it's hard for me to get out?

The NHS has also put together some hints and tips on exercise ideas for people of all sorts of abilities. Here are some helpful links below.

Each of these exercise plans can help contribute towards 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week. This might sound like a lot but break it down into daily targets of 20 to 30 minutes making sure to follow your doctor's advice.

However you are maintaining your fitness levels, just remember - we're all in this together.

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