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As a nation of philanthropists, the UK raises millions of pounds for charity every year. Through various fundraising activities, a massive 74 per cent of us regularly donate to charity during our lifetime.

A recent survey by Remember a Charity found that more than a third of people said they would consider leaving something to charity in their Will, after providing for their family and friends.

As the single biggest source of voluntary income to charities and non-profit organisations in the UK, legacy fundraising (any gift left in a person's Will) is a vital source of income for the third sector.

The problem is, however, that only 7 per cent of people are actually doing this.

Nevertheless, legacies remain the foundation of British charities, creating almost £2 billion each year, the equivalent of 19 Comic Reliefs. Without this income, many charities would be unable to carry out their great work.

Taking place from 7-13 September, this year's Remember a Charity in your Will Week is encouraging more people to consider leaving a gift to charity when writing a Will.

It is of course easy to put off making a Will but if you die without making one then your assets may be distributed according to the law rather than your best wishes.

As your lasting testament to the people and causes that were important to you during your lifetime, making a Will is the only way to be sure that your estate is handled in accordance with your requests.

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