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Image of stress free retired couple throwing leaves in the air
Image of stress free retired couple throwing leaves in the air

A direct cremation is a low cost alternative to a traditional funeral and it is held without a funeral service or mourners in attendance. Whether it’s due to cost or lifestyle choice, our direct cremation plan is becoming popular with people who don’t want a funeral service but who do want to make their wishes known. Involving minimal fuss, direct cremations allow loved ones to arrange a memorial service to honor their loved ones at a later date if they wish.

Increased numbers of direct cremations

According to the Sunlife (2022) Cost of Dying report, 75% of funerals conducted in 2021 were cremations, making it by far the most popular funeral choice. The number of unattended or direct cremations included within that total increased to 18%, up from just 3% in 2019.

COVID-19 restrictions played a huge part in pushing up the number of direct cremations - between February 2020 and July 2021, direct cremations accounted for 24% of all funerals. But even without the limits placed on funeral attendance by the pandemic, there has been a steady increase in the number of people opting for direct cremations. The increasing popularity of cremation-only funerals may be as simple as a greater public awareness of the no-frills approach to funerals. The high-profile direct cremations of David Bowie and Karl Lagerfeld have drawn attention, and awareness of direct cremation as a funeral alternative is now approaching 60% according to SunLife’s research. In turn, more than 90% of funeral directors now say that they offer direct cremation as a service.

Affordability also plays a part in the rising popularity of direct cremation. The 2022 Cost of Dying report puts the average cost of a funeral with a cremation at £3,765, with the average cost of a burial at £4,927. In contrast, the cost of a direct cremation with us is less than £1,750.

Personal choice

Cost aside, choosing an unattended cremation gives families an option to plan a memorial service at a time that best suits them without having to consider the availability of crematorium or a place of worship. And for people that don’t want a full funeral service, direct cremation is a popular choice.

A direct cremation plan from Golden Charter includes the provision of funeral director services and arrangements for the cremation including transportation and care of the deceased prior to cremation.

In contrast to traditional funeral plans, there is no funeral service with a direct cremation. This means there are no mourners, flowers, cars, readings or eulogies. And as cremation takes place soon after death, there is no need for embalming or an expensive coffin. Also, without the schedule of a funeral service, the time and place of the cremation are chosen by the funeral director.

Direct cremation may not be for everyone, funeral services are seen by many people as the perfect way to say a last goodbye. However, for people looking to avoid the ceremony or expense associated with a traditional funeral, here are six reasons to consider a direct cremation plan with Golden Charter.

  1. Lower cost funeral without compromising on the professional services of a local funeral director.
  2. The most affordable way to get peace of mind for yourself and ensure your family is spared the burden of unexpected funeral costs.
  3. Avoid the fuss and stress that can be involved in arranging and attending a traditional funeral service.
  4. Your loved ones will be free to plan a memorial service to honor their loved ones at a later date if they wish.
  5. Make sure your funeral is planned your way. Without instructions, most families will opt for a more expensive traditional funeral service.
  6. Money saved by not having a funeral ceremony could be spent on a memorial service, wake or on something the deceased would have wanted e.g. charity donation.

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